The Upcoming (Proper) Start of JC

I had a lot of fun during Orientation! More so, because I wasn’t expecting to at all. But thankfully, I had a really good OG, where everyone is super nice and friendly. It was hilarious cause we SUCKED at some games, but were really good in some (like the texting game omg) but we remained happy and chill throughout. I had loads of fun during everyhting, the games, the dinners, the songs, the dances. My dance partner, Daryl, was very shy and nice so it was all good (: I made lots of new friends, and I think it was a great way to start off JC. The seniors put a LOT of effort into it, and I’m so grateful!! Storyline was really good guys! :D

But hm, quite a lot of drama last week too. I guess I never expected for us to fall out. Ever. But yeah it happened, and I have absolutely no idea how to handle all of it. More than angry, I’m hurt and confused. I don’t know how everything is gonna pan out, but I guess I just need to have faith and patience.

Sigh, its really obvious that everyone’s growing up man. Like there’s so much talk about guys and betrayal and having to choose between groups of friends and changing and a lot of drama. I miss the simpler times where the worst that happens is when I don’t keep my mouth shut and say things I wasn’t supposed to. Now its issues with character and personality and the root of who you are. Not what you do anymore, but who you are. I don’t know if I’ve changed. Honestly I don’t. Sure I talk a lot more shit, and I’m more loose with my words, but I don’t think I’ve changed fundamentally, and the thought terrifies me. That I’m changing without even knowing it. If I am. Being a good person has always been a very important thing to me, giving people a chance and being there for everyone has always taken precedence over many things in my life, and it still is like that. No matter what I hear about people, or what my first impressions are, I will always give someone a chance to prove themselves. I would never hold it against them. I guess that trait of mine isn’t that obvious anymore.

I really miss my 406 friends!! Like I’m so glad to see you guys around school or like during toilet breaks, and I miss you like crazy. Very few people get me the way you guys do, but I’m really glad we’re sticking together through the whirlwinds :D I love you guys a lot <3


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