I Wish You Every A Lot of Happiness

The title of my post is from a notebook that I saw in Daiso today. I HATE STUPID NOTEBOOKS LIKE THIS WITH NONSENSICAL PHRASES WRITTEN ON THEM I MEAN IS IT SUPPOSED TO SOUND POETIC. I just think that if you’re going to invest so much money and time printing a whole set of notebooks, you should at least check the grammar and spelling!!  For goodness sakes.

Today was a hilarious day really. I am so glad I did not pon today because it was just epic. Bloody awkward, but sosososo funny and awesome HAHAHAHA. MSH (Amirah will know what this is LOL) But yes, hung out with 406 a lot today!! Was stoning in the canteen most of the time, talking rubbish and squealing. Speaking of squealing, I really need to control myself omg. Today, I let out this high pitched SQUEAL which was SO loud that everyone turned around to look at me. Mortifying. Went out for lunch with 406 buddies then headed out to buy vday supplies (for ourselves hahahahaha) We stopped by ION and Vivo but got absolutely NOTHING in the end. Fail. But all in all, I think it was a good day (: also, wore my RJ uniform for the first time today!! I think I look super awkward and noob, but its okay cause RJ uniform is like a thousand times more comfortable than RG uniform. You don’t get so sweaty and crumpled and gross by the end of the day.

I also discovered today that Reichel and Lavinya read my blog!! :D Since they’ve been so nice to me the past few days (and because Reichel asked for it) I will do shoutouts! :D

Lavinya: She is one of the most straightforward people I know (right up there with stacy haha) its like, what you see is what you get. Which is incredibly refreshing because so often, you see all these fake people around you who put on a huge smile but are secretly going “omg this girl is a total bitch what is wrong with her hair ew does she honestly think she’s funny ewewew” BUT NOT LAVINYA. When she compliments you on something, or tells you that she loves you, you KNOW that she means it. Because Lavinya doesn’t throw these words around, she appreciates the weight behind those words and sticks to it. She is SO nice to me. I know that whenever I am having problems I can always go to her and she’ll give me good, sensible advice. SHE IS SO SENSIBLE. Its like she’s so calm and levelheaded and she makes the best decisions ever. She is so morally upright and righteous and she is a role model to all. I have so much fun with Lavinya (: And I swear, I have like this burst of joy whenever I see her around school cause she is just so amazing (: Oh and PS. LAVINYA YOU ARE SO PRETTY WITH YOUR LOOOOOOOOONG LEGS (: Ily!!! <3

Reichel: I think you are a VERY caring person, I really do. I know that we’ve had issues in the past, but I know that I can always come to you with problems or just break down in front of you, and you’ll put all our past misgivings behind and comfort me. Cause you’re just a reallyreally good friend. I can always count on you buddy. I’ve had so much fun with you too!! I love how we are always together during performances cause you borrow my trolley hahaha (sorry for the countless times I rolled over your tablas HAHA oops) You are one the people I am MOST touchyfeely with LOL I dunno why, have you noticed?? I’m usually not very touchyfeely, but with you I feel like I’m always holding your hand or something, odd. But yeah, you’re so small and cute that I feel like protecting you all the time, one of my pseudo things la. WE SHOULD HANG OUT MORE YOU PRETTY THANG <3 Hahahaha, yes I love you a lot, thank you so much for always being there for me. Remember I’ll always have your back dearie!! Come to me if you need anything yeah? If guys disturb you, tell me, I’ll set my brother on them HAHAHAH.

I love you both seriously! I’m very happy that you’re in the same class, it would have felt wrong for you guys to be split up!!! Thank you so much for caring and being around for me!! YOU ARE SUCH NICE PEOPLE <3


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