Ahhh, this is v annoying and frustrating. Like you know when applying for ISLE and stuff, I feel super stupid and useless eh.

1. I don’t do service. I really feel very bad about this. I mean everyone always says I’m very nice and stuff BUT I’M NOT. I’m so selfish, I have so many things and I don’t do service or anything. I have no proper reason either, just cause I’m too lazy.

2. I got no significant setback/failure that made me a better person. My biggest setback is just academic problems which everyone face. It sounds damn lame when I put it on an application can. Its so retarded that everytime you complain about a problem, its like the biggest thing in the world, but when it comes to applications, these problems are never big enough, never dramatic enough. I mean I’m close to wishing I had more problems, which is the most stupid thing ever.

Also, you know sometimes they ask you for achievements and scholarships and stuff? I GOT NOTHING I AM DAMN LAME HOW IS ANY UNIVERSITY GOING TO ACCEPT ME OMG I AM SO SCREWED.


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