Acts like Summer & Walks like Rain

Take5 was boring. As in it was okay la, the atmosphere was quite cool and all, but I just wasn’t in the mood for enthusiasm I think. I agree with Amirah’s friend, I wanted to light the emcee’s hair on fire too. Hung around with CSM, Amirah, Hengyeng and Aisyah (although aisyah ditched me) and slacked a lot. Hung with Indian friends after school, namely Reichel Lavinya Karthigah and Alagu. I had fun hahahaha. I swear, no matter how much I love my Chinese friends, I have a bond with my Indian makkalz. Special connection HAHA.

I realize I miss being deskmates with Amirah ): I really do ): I miss talking to her, then realizing that she wasn’t listening and laughing at Clara/Chanel together and sniggering at Angullia and mocking Aisyah. I miss it!!!!!!!!! I wish we could stay classmates foreverrrr.

Proper lessons starting tomorrow, I’m excited yet I feel trepidation. Bright side is that people will FINALLY be occupied with school, so all the pointless drama will be cut down. But on the dark side, START OF 2 YEARS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING.

Its okay, open mind open mind. Breatheeeee.


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