Shaolin Iron Egg Training

Hahhahaha go google my post title, Heather and I were dying in the library because of this today hahaha.

Anyway, today was a v tiring day omgggg. Lessons were hectic, esp econs! Econs is just like.. Woah. The teachers go at some breakneck speed and expect you to remember definitions off the top of your head and don’t wait for you at all. Scary max. Super stressed, so stayed back after school to study in the library, and Heather joined me!! I had a lot of fun hahahahha, more reasons than one more reasons than one. BUT EH DISAPPOINTED AMIRAH I HATE YOU FOREVER.

Something that has been bothering me for a while. I don’t think I’m a very nice person. Like really. Everyone always makes it seem like I’m some angel, but I’m really not. I think I can be a judgemental bitch sometimes (funny how some phrases stick with you for life huh)  And it really bothers me, because being a good, nice person is one of the most important things in my life. One of my biggest priorities. No matter what shit I’m going through, I always try my best to be there for my friends. No matter how tired I am or how many problems I have of my own, I try to listen to my friends and give them advice. But I bitch too, I judge too. I’m really ashamed of myself ): I really think I must start being a better person.


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