I have been neglecting my blog.

I AM SO SORRY. I’m just way too tired and lazy by the time I get home on weekdays ): but yes, I shall try to go over my week now!

1. I hate teachers who think they are above you. Teaching is such a noble profession la seriously, its imparting of knowledge and molding young adults into dignified, confident and able adults. I adore teachers who respect you and accept your opinions, and understand that sometimes you slip and and make mistakes. I don’t like teachers who think that they have to control EVERYTHING once they come into a classroom. If you want to control everything, become a CEO or like run your own business or whatever. Or be a mum. A classroom is a dynamic, activity-filled environment, where students aren’t afraid to make mistakes. But if you are acting so superior all the time, HOW WILL THEY FEEL LIKE CONTRIBUTING THEY WILL JUST FEEL STUPID AND DUMB. And wtf is up with teachers who already have some preconceived notion that we are some slacker class. We all got into RJ fair and square, isn’t that all that matters? A-levels is the important bit, we’re all striving towards that so teachers should quit making us feel lousy and encourage us.


3. I GOT INTO INTERACT OMG SHOCKED TTM. Hahahahahaha, I was honestly not expecting to get in, but I am pleasantly surprised. I think this came at a good time actually. Was feeling a bit useless and like.. Won’t get into anything hopeless future kind. But its good to know that I’m wanted by a CCA which is in high demand (: So yeah, I’m joining Interact and ICS. Quite sad that I couldn’t join press, but I guess I can always write outside of CCA, don’t need to be in press to write right? I’m really excited for Interact, cause I need to start doing service!! I need to help people omg I have been so selfish and awful.

4. Dancefest was really good!! I thought the prizes were accordingly given, so that’s good. I loved BB’s second dance max. The couple part was so sweet, really got chemistry! Although the guys were being typical HAHAH.

5. ICSO today was fun! I’m really glad I joined because I don’t know what I’d do without a regular dosage of my Indian friends! The J2 guys are ultimate trolls I swear, I spent a lot of time laughing today. Also, the guys in our batch who came down today were all pretty nice so I look forward to a good ICS experience!!

6. Class camp is from this Monday to Wednesday, so you guys won’t be seeing me around school or hearing from me at all. Somehow I doubt that I can access whatsapp at Pulau Ubin. I hope its fun!! My class is actually quite nice and funny, we get along pretty well, and hopefully we get become even more bonded through the camp! (:


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