Stupid Pulau Ubin

So yes, I am blogging from my stupid tent in PULAU FREAKING UBIN. I am major angst now, be warned.

I GOT BITTEN BY A FREAKING CENTIPEDE. I think. Not too sure what bit me, but it hurts like the DEVIL. Like really super duper pain. At first it was a sharp pain and it was spreading all over my leg, but now it’s a concentrated ache. Bloody uncomfortable.

I CANNOT SLEEP GODDAMNIT. Was supp to go back to mainland for a check up at the doctor, but there weren’t any available boats -.- so I’m stuck here till the morning. And trust me when I say that time is DRAGGING. I have been trying to sleep since dunno how long and it’s impossible cause my leg is just burning and throbbing and it’s so STUFFY AND HOT in this stupid tent for 8 people omg. Angstangstangst. I am going to sit outside and call my brother now. I will really go mad if I sit inside any longer.

Cannot take it ready. I wanna go back homeeeeeee ): my leg hurts so much ): ): ):


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