Officially an Interactor

1. I am feeling a lot better, my foot is no longer swollen. I left Ubin the next morning, went to the doctor, and was certified healthy by the doctor. Thank god there was this one Chinese guy who put some funky herbal thing on my foot which sucked out the poison. God knows what would have happened otherwise. Had to leave camp halfway though ): I really wanted to kayak ): ): oh well. I get to skive off PE for a week >:)

2. Went for my first ever Interact GM today, and I AM SO GLAD I JOINED. Its seriously like full of positive energy and goodwill and enthusiasm. I feel like going down for CCA every week is going to actually HELP the community and I feel so great about that (: (: Super happy yay :D Excited for camp! Realized that ICS Amazing Race and Interact Camp clash, so I’m going to try and go for both. Leave early from ICS and go late for Interact. Sigh, I hate it when my activities clash ):

3. All of you watch this video!! Please come down and show your support for us on 10th March at NLB!!


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