One of the happiest moments in my life was when Stacy said she was living vicariously through me. I legit SCREAMED. My whole life, I have been living vicariously and just to hear someone say that MY LIFE WAS THE HAPZ ONE was too much for me to handle. I had to take a moment to calm down.

I was telling Shimei about it when I realized that I DID NOT SCREENSHOT IT. Omg I panicked. Hello??? AM I CRAZY HOW DID I NOT SCREENSHOT IT. I, like a maniac, went to Demon Foxes and scrolled all the way up (harder than you think) and when I was neaaaarly there.. WHATSAPP CRASHED. I let out this animalistic squawk filled with pain and anguish and I’m quite sure I scared the life out of my neighbour who was passing by.

I only realized 10 minutes later how pathetic my life is.

And now I am blogging about it.



2 thoughts on “MY LIFE.

  1. upon reading first paragraph: DON’T PUSH IT
    after reading the whole thing: that’s more like it:)
    love you rathi haha

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