Yesterday was hilarious. There’s no other word for it. Went back to school for Interact banner painting for Dine In The Dark! We did like 2 banners, and they’re reallyyy prettyyy (: I met the most fabulous guy I’ve ever seen in my life: Quy. H’s Vietnamese, but like a HARDCORE Gaga fan. You have no idea how hardcore he is. He replies all your questions with Gaga lyrics, and the scary part is, they make sense sometimes! It was really damn funny, Colin and I were like literally rolling on the floor laughing, and I had legit tears streaming down my face. Haven’t laughed like that in a loooong time omg. Colin, Weilin, Sara, Yuyin and I went for dinner after that, we bonded pretty well! Our circle of trust better not break, or we’re all pretty screwed HAHAHAHA.

Today was shamefully unproductive. I don’t even want to think abut how much work I could have gotten done ohgod. Its okay, tomorrow will be a better day!!! But I have banner painting tomorrow as well, so I think I’ll be having a pretty late night.

This is such a pointless post. I don’t think anyone even reads my blog anymore.

Oh, and my post title is a reference to a metaphor that shimei made. And was immensely proud of HAHAHAH.


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