Happy Post

Sorry about all the depressing posts, and thanks so much to everyone who sent me nice messages, checking up on me :) ILY GUYS <3 now, I shall recap the last 3 days of my life.

Thursday: I basically raged a lot that day. Aisyah and I joined forces to scream BITCHHHHHHHHH whenever we saw the ponce. So if we disturbed/annoyed/scared you, please forgive us, we really did have a good reason. Used my 3-hour break to compose a long letter to Amirah and grabbed people in the canteen to add nice messages cause she is such a lovely person and she deserves every bit of our kindness (: Had Jamiyah after school, and had lots of fun :D laughed a lot on the MRT, both to and from Jamiyah (: Karthik and Faeqa found out how noisy I truly am HAHAHA. Idk why, but I never ever run out of things to say. I don’t even have to consciously think of things to say, they just keep coming. And its super worrying, but I cannot shut up. Like its seriously impossible for me to keep quiet for an extended period of time. But yeah, all three of them (faeqa, karthik and nicole) had plenty of fun laughing at me HMPH. Basically it was a good day. I’m really glad I chose Jamiyah yay (: when the lady at jamiyah was presenting, it just made me really.. D: cause the kids really have gone through a lot of trauma and I just really hope that I could somehow have a positive impact on the lives of these kids.

Friday: Pretty uneventful, but went for Hunger Games with Shimei after school yesterday! We silent-partied at all the Katniss/Peeta scenes cause Peeta is so nice and cute hahah :’) Got scolded by the lady sitting next to us. She went “Excuse me! We’re trying to watch a movie!!” Shimei and I were terrified HAHAHA we just slunk into our seats and sprinted out once the movie ended. I think the movie was pretty good la. Not VERY OOMPH but okay. Met Emiline after that and slowlyslowly went home. reached home bloody late (11.45 eeek) and got scolded by my mum ): I have a curfew now, for the first time in my life. Need to be home by 8, unless my brother/father/somekindperson drops me.

Today (Saturday): Had a doctor’s appointment at noon, so went with my dad. Got exempted from NAPFA (YES) cause of my tendenitis and have an MRI scan scheduled for next Saturday. Hopefully its just due to overuse and not anything severe. But the scan is so expensive can! $1000!!! :O :O :O SIGH, but I guess at least I can rule out anything serious. Rushed for DitD dry run after that. I laughed a lot (and felt very guilty about it cause seniors were all super stressed. I’m sorry, I will be super onz next dry run! Promise!!) because my fellow waiters are hilarious. Wrong Direction all the way man :D I’m excited for DitD yay! I really do hope its a success! Friends please buy tickets okay!! (: (: (:

I shall go finish up my IU application and sleep :D GOODNIGHT EVERYONE <3


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