Update Update!

Hahhahaha yesterday was a total PMSy day I swear. School was hard to get through cause Tuesdays are soooo longgggggg. There was a fleeting half hour of joy when I lived vicariously through Yiwen and his cute rship stories, but I think that was it. After school I just sat in the canteen and moped around. I think I groaned and moaned at people HAHAHA sorry!!! It was just one of those days la. Couldn’t even study properly cause I still can’t write for very long without my hand hurting. So I just sat around and moped. I was too damned lazy to go home although I have a straight bus, so decided to wait for my dad. Caught up on some reading (jodi picoult hahahahaha I need mindless reading sometimes as a break from strenuous mental activity, aka school) my dad was an absolute sweetheart though, he knew I was feeling miserable so he bought me chocolate to brighten up my day!! I love him haha he is the best (:

Today was better. Lessons weren’t too bad, my lit teacher Ms Prakash is so nice and cute hahaha. Pleasant teachers are such a joy seriously. Had Interact after school, which is always fun. OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS: I WAS ACCEPTED FOR THE IU TRIP TO CAMBODIA!! :D So yep, looks like I’ll be away for a week during June hols, toiling for the betterment of society. Super excited, especially since the team seems fun (: I’m in the fundraising comm, and the people are nice too, so all’s good :D pretty excited to get to work and raise the monehhhh for Cambodiaaaaa.

I’M SERVING THE COMMUNITY. IU? (Karthik’s punny joke hahahahahahahahaha)

Anywayy, tomorrow I have IU comm meeting in the morning, banner painting then heading down to Jamiyah for weekly service. Pretty packed day ahead, so I think I better crash soon!!


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