Streaks of Green

Sigh, its such a relief to be back home after a long day. I had Interact pretty much the whole day. Met up in the morning to discuss banner designs, had lunch at Jai Thai, then set to work on our banners!! We finished three, and started on the fourth one. Will continue on Saturday!! They’re v cool, so be excited to see them around school!! (:

Quite a fun day I think, got paint all over myself (MY HAIR HAS STREAKS OF GREEN ARGH MUST GO SHOWER NOW) and my skirt (oh must wash, completely forgot) Didn’t manage to go to Jamiyah today though. I will be going down tomorrow morning instead, so looking forward to that! I can hopefully catch up on some studying after that too.

Oh and big decision today: I’M QUITTING ICS. Basically it keeps clashing with Interact stuff and I hate having to choose between commitments. And I guess ICS in JC is a lot diff from ICS in RG. It feels a bit.. Idk, like I feel quite awkward, very different wavelength kind. I love my Indian batchmates nonetheless, and I’ll help out with Sangamam as much as I can! (:


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