Hahahhahahah today was such an epicly fun day. Went to Jamiyah in the morning with Karthik and Karthigah. Met Karthik first at Eunos, then walked down to the centre. Service was pretty okay, it was my first day so I don’t really know many kids. I need time to warm up to them I guess. Was talking to Syaz, who’s in Sec3, and I discovered the existence of Principle of Accounting which seems like a ridiculously tedious subject.

Once Karthigah arrived, Karthik came over and we had a lot of fun suanning her hahahah. And the most hilarious part is how Karthik and I make such a good team bullying her and poor Kartz is forever wearing her classic deer-caught-in-headlights look (y) We ended up waiting for the rain to stop so we could walk back to the MRT in relative dryness. I was introduced to YAOOOOOOO which is quite possibly my favourite exclamation ever hahahahhahahahaha. Dying.

Went back for scriptwriting, but wasn’t very productive. Came home, stuffed myself, then fell asleep. Obv not one of my better afternoons.

Oh well, I did have a lot of fun today; laughed a lot. I need to get to work tomorrow!! My history term assignments are untouched. Along with my PI ):


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