School tires me out so. Sigh. I just feel so sleepy and lethargic and SIAN so often nowadays. And I’m damn blur and stoned and sluggish. Its like I really take very long to get my bearings sorted out.

Like on Tuesday, it was raining super hard, so I was kinda reluctant to go home because I didn’t want my shoes to get wet. Don’t you agree that you just feel miserable when your shoes and socks are wet? But yes anyway, I really didn’t want to leave, but eventually I did. So I was standing at the bustop: cold, wet and tired, waiting for my bus for REALLY long. Then an SBS bus came, and I just kinda assumed it was my bus. I have no idea what possessed me to make this ridiculous assumption, I blame it on school. So I got on and started stoning. After a while, I realised that I had no idea where I was so I quickly got off and discovered that I was in YIO CHU KANG. I mean, where is that even?? I AM A WEST PERSON I DO NOT KNOW THESE PLACES. Turns out I took 163 instead of 157 (HOW! The numbers don’t even look alike!!!) So I just ended up cabbing home.

This was just a good example of how I am slowly losing my mind. Now, I am bloody tired and its DitD tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t have a weird episode tomorrow, cause I think the seniors will seriously just cry. Read/printed all the training stuff. Must mug tmr!! Cannot screw it up sigh, a lot of effort has gone into this.

On the bright side, I went for service today, which is always fun (:


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