Slackin’ at Orchard

So well, left school early to come for my doctor’s appointment (for my hand) but I’m way too early (appt is at 2.30) sooooo. Oops? Hahaha I’m just walking around ION now. Waiting for my dad to transfer me cash so I can grab lunch before my appointment. So sick of the stupid school canteen can.

I haven’t blogged properly in damn long, so I’m going to cover as much as possible now!

Twelfth Night!! Hahaha the show was damn boring omg. I couldn’t really hear what was going on, and everyone was laughing and I was just like O.o maybe it’s cause I’m stupid dunno haha. Can read Shakespearean English but listening is harddddd. Also it was super hot and sticky and I was getting irritated. BUT Marissa, Shimei, Alagu and I left during intermission and walked around Fort Canning Park HAHAH. BAMFs. We ended up sitting down on this flight of stairs and belting out Disney songs. Shimei in particular was getting v emotional over “Reflection”.

After the show, The Thorns (minus Nicole) met up to go to Amirah’s house!! We rushed there in cabs and took well deserved showers. I love Amirah’s atas soaps and shampoo okay! When we were all ready, we started stressing but it all ended well! I had a really good time guys (: oh and a word of caution, FACIALS HURT. It felt like someone was scraping my face with a fork. Butbutbut it totally works!! Clara touched my face and declared that it felt like a “baby’s bottom” HAHAHA.

Carwash on Saturday was fun as usual. Thanks to all the parents who donated once I accosted them (ESP my friends’ parents HAHAHA) IU fundraising has officially come to a close!! Really proud of ourselves because we surpassed all expectations!! :D

Also, the number of Demon Foxes and BSWs around us is APPALLING. Argh my blood boils when I think of them. ESP THAT ONE. OMGGG MBSW MAX. I have to curl my fingers into a fist and look resolutely at the table whenever i see her around nowadays cause she makes me SO ANGRY.

Okay I need to stop. People will think I’m crazy- snarling at my phone in the middle of ION HAHA.

Went for service with Reetz. Hahaha laughed a lot. I love how the both of us have really similar views of people!!! Damn fun to have rage bitchfests with her hahaha. Yay service buddy (:

Alright I have 21% batt left now. I need to go nowwww. Shall have a lepak lunch and head out for my appt! (:


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