Okay, so I have just made a resolution to live more for myself. Not in a self-centered way, but like I really need to stop caring so much about what my friends will feel about my actions and having to look over my back all the time. Need to stop! Must strike a balanceeee. Oh and hahahahah yesterday I realized that people excuse my behaviour all the time LOL. When other people reprimand you, you’re just all “ugh judgemental much who are you to decide anything” and when I reprimand you, you’re just all “aiya arathi lah, got good intentions.” HAHAHAHAHA. So awesome lolololol. I’m glad lah, cause I DO have good intentions, and I try my best not to judge my friends!!

Spoke to Nicole for 3.5 hours last night (morning?) and I felt A LOT better. My head cleared up plenty, and things seemed less urgent and harsh. I also realised how much I missed Nicole! Talking to her yesterday felt like Sec3 and Sec4 all over again, and I’m really glad I called her (: I love you loads dearie <3

AND I have another resolution: To be more zen. Hahaha, basically must hate less people lah. I have already taken the first step. And slowly, I will become a better person!! BUT MBSW HOW SIA OMG V DIFFICULT.


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