So I was reading CSM’s blog, and her post about studying in the UK got me all excited too!! :D I’ve been wondering whether I want to go to UK or US for uni!! Cause I really wanna go overseas and get the experience of being independent. I’ve had so many conversations about this with Alagu hahahaha. New York seems so vibrant and exciting, and studying there seems very fun lah basically. But London is so beautiful and old and quaint and the accents are like :O :O I really can’t decide. Just spam apply for both, then see which one(s) I get into! If any university wants me, that is. SIGH.

Have a renewed interest in Anthropology/Sociology/Psychology. Its so fascinating to people watch. And if I take Anthro/Socio I can make my own theories (THE PIMP AHEM) and people will take me seriously cause I have a degree!! :D And I can write bullshit about the human race for newspapers and have my own column, and there’ll be impressive things to write in italics below my name!! :D People watching in NY vs people watching in London. Hmmmm. The future is excitingggg (:

But first must get through CTs argh. Hand really hurts like crazy, don’t even want to think about how big my cyst prolly is now. Hope it doesn’t give way on Monday, have both Econs and History. Then again if I don’t finish the paper cause of my hand, I’ll have a valid reason for failing (y) and maybe, just MAYBE my parents won’t kick me out of the house. But they’ll prolly blame it on my excessive texting and kick me out anyway.

Also, I had a dream that I went back to UNACAS, and was teaching them about plants. And I went to find a youtube video of Edelweiss blooming. You know those videos that fast forward the flowers blooming. Yeah I used that in class and I had Edeweiss put in the classrooms and stuff. You know what the real kicker is? I have no idea what Edelweiss looks like. So I am now going to conduct an experiment, and see if it looks anything like what it did in my dream. AND ALL OF YOU, MY READERS, ARE GOING TO BE PRIVY TO THIS EXCITING EXPERIMENT! :D

This was the flower in my dream. THE MORNING GLORY. AND EDELWEISS.. WAIT FOR IT…


Okay I am disappointed. I was hoping that somehow it would look the same and I was secretly a brilliant botanist. But no. Not. Even. Close. I’ll leave you off with the song.

Damnit. I just realised the LYRICS to this song say its “small and white”. I am such an idiot. 


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