Heavy Heart

Hm today was a pretty good day but I’m suddenly feel somber and kinda miserable ): got nostalgic and started reading all the notes that people have given me over the past several years and like ): ): ): I miss RG and the simpleness of it all.

I miss going and slacking on the balcony every morning. I miss mass buying milo. I miss trying to sleep over the ruckus that Desiree Brillia and Sheryl made every morning. I miss sitting next to Amirah and Chanel. I miss exchanging notes during math class with Nicole. I miss the canteen with all it’s missing chair seats and god-awful pigeons. I miss our teachers. I miss jumping every time Jalleh makes a loud noise and bangs the table and laughing at all his jokes. I miss smiling sheepishly whenever Carmen Hoo comes up to look at my rubbish math worksheet. I miss staring in bewilderment after Mrs Lim and one of her epic quotes. I miss the green men. I miss jumping across puddles when barefoot. Ohman, miss INO sosososo much. I miss strolling into Saturday practices 1 hour late and squeeeezing past Deva and tackling Mr Mani’s questions about my breakfast. I miss Mr Mani!!! I miss metronome practices (I swear, it still rings in my head sometimes) I miss 190 rides with Eswari and sitting at the BPP bustops like hobos. I miss winking at Deepa and calling her my No7. I miss laughing at weird people on the bus, and accidentally insulting them too loudly. I miss the juniors. I miss laughing at and bitchfacing the midgets. I miss buying my club sandwich without tomatoes and orange juice and taking hourssss to finish them. I miss Nasi Padang. I miss drama sessions!! I miss slacking during Options. I miss prom preparations. I miss staying up ridic late for PTs and mass complaining over facebook. I miss sitting around and dreading JC. I miss not having unnecessary drama in my life. I miss PE lessons with 406. I miss English presentations and how they were actually just a reason to watch trash videos and hate on boys while Mr Angullia just sat smirking at the back of the class. I miss Aasiriyai so damned much, miss sneaking into the teachers’ lounge with her and eating biscuits, miss bitching with her, miss laughing about saripa uncle. I miss Tamil lessons, and how Alagu and I just spent all our time talking and bitching with her drawing giraffes on my book. I miss how I didn’t know anyone past my class or house comm or cca. I miss morning announcements.

There are things in JC that I’m glad for but like.. Sigh. Just miss RG like crazy now. And missing a lot of people. And how even though some people may still be in my life, it’s just not the same anymore.



One thought on “Heavy Heart

  1. ikr, i feel really sad thinking about all the things i left behind. but it feels so nice..and nostalgic when we get together and talk abt all these memories :) go back to rg tgtr one day?:)

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