A Whole Lot of Crazy.

Okay so I’m taking a small break to type this out (cut me some slack, I’ve been studying nearly nonstop for 9 hours) Today has really been a whole lot of crazy. I’ll illustrate this with a few screenshots from my history whatsapp group with Aisyah, Amirah, Clara, Dana, Emiline, Hadziqah, Isdi and Stacy named “Mugger Buddies: Assemble!”

BUT in the end, we became slightly saner. And we have a new motto!

What I’m doing now will help me this time next year. 

This wonderful motto is going to keep me zen and motivated. Also Emiline and I are going to hole ourselves up and study hard for the remainder of our JC life. And if we start early, we can have fun along the way! It won’t have to be crazy intense. As long as you get a little done everyday, can ready. You see, realistic expectations. And we’re gonna come up with a rewards system- INCENTIVES.

I’m crazily exhausted now, but its okay cause the worst will be over tomorrow. After tomorrow I’ll just have to study lit (FUN) and math which shouldn’t be too intense. The pros of H1 Math yayy (: SIGH when will Wednesday comeeee.


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