Overall: Good Day (:


1. Exams. Hahahahahahahah screwed up everything. And guys trust me, I’m not the annoying “omg guys I’m gonna fail I did damn badly I left so many questions blank gonna fail die ready” then get 4.0 kind. If I say die ready, then really die ready. Like I’m fully expecting to fail History and Econs because they were SO BAD. It was hilariously bad. Hopefully will pass Math Lit and GP. Really hope so. See how lah see how.

2. Yesterday was a good day hahaha. Went to study at Starbucks@Wheelock with Emiline and Dana and had so much fun. We were like totally sitting around and thinking we damn cool and intelligent on the cushy chairs drinking our frappes.

Dana: We are damn noisy omg.

Emiline: I’m sure people are enjoying themselves listening to us. We’re so intellectual.


HAHAHA bloody epic. We just talked a lot about our sexuality, and about how we might actually be legit bi cause hello girls are so much hotter than guys. And like if it wasn’t for all the social stigma and my indian family, I might totally be lesbian. I MEAN I COULD GET TOGETHER WITH ALAGU. OR EMILINE. OR DANA. OR NICOLE. LOOOOOOOK AT MY CHOICES. Now who do I have? Nobody. But yeah, Emiline and I were just sitting there checking out girls more than guys we are horrible. And we smell damn awesome together. Just saying.

3. Today was marvelous hahaha. After exams, just came to the canteen and spontaneously went to J8 with the thorns. I realised how much I missed bitching about people I don’t know personally. Too much drama concerning people I know ready its too much stress. Came back to school after that and sat around talking. Laughed so much I swear. Esp at Shimei’s conversations with her Chinese tutor omg bloody hilarious that totally made my day. Oh I miss just hanging around with friends and laughing like madmen. It just completely lifted all the burdens off my shoulders and left me in much higher spirits (: (:

4. I reached an epiphany today. I have a lot of love and affection to hand out to the world. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t reciprocated or appreciated, cause the joy you get in doing it is enough. Like its not like keeping all the goodwill locked inside is gonna help anyone, so might as well be liberal with it (: and it only hurts when you have expectations, so I’m just gonna do good things and be nice in general to people who need it. And not expect anything. Because people always need niceness in their lives. I have amazing friends who are damn nice to me, and some people don’t have friends like mine, and maybe I can make their lives just a little brighter with a text or two! Help them get over their problems and just be there for them when they need someone to listen to them. It doesn’t take a lot on my part, but it always means a lot to the other party. So its good. So yup. I am going to be a nice person :D cause I have a lot to give (:

Yup. That’s it for today. I’m excited for tomorrow. Laraboi in the afternoon then dinner+sleepover with the thorns (: AND MEETING CLAIRE OMG EXCITEZX.

This is such a sweet song everyone needs to listen to it :’)


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