On thursday, I went out for atas dinner with the thorns hahaha. Dressed up and felt pretty (although I obv paled in comparison to my friends hahaha sigh) Ate at Fika (swedish meatballs were super good!) which is at Millenia Walk! We walked over to the Esplanade roof after that to soak in the Singapore skyline, which is gorgeous at night seriously. Went to Amirah’s house, watched Bring It On (the one with the latinas) and fell asleep.

Woke up the next morning (due to Nicole Chua kicking me tyvm) and headed off to meet Ted, Boonxin and Karthik for lunch at Strictly Pancakes! (: Good food and good company (:

Saturday and Sunday were complete slack days. I just felt disgusting and restless and listless ugh ugh ugh. BUT today was a good day!! Went to Vivo FINALLY. Omg I love that place and I hadn’t been in months and months so I dragged nicole and shimei there!! Lunched at Soup Spoon and walked over to Sentosa on the Boardwalk. Once we were there, we made the super spur-of-the-moment decision to go to USS!!! It was so impulsive omg cannot tank. We just OKOK YOLO and sprinted in hahaha. But I’m a horrible Indian daughter, I didn’t tell my parents D: which means I am in severe shortage of moolah omg. It was a good day!! All the rides were awesome, and hello the general ambience of USS which melts away all worries :’) Took several photos hahaha because CSM brought her camera and we all felt like taking photos although I was dressed super shittily (wasn’t expecting to go USS sorry lah)

supposed to be a sexy pose, but obv didn’t work out sigh. 

CSM Nicole and Me: The Impromptu People. 

This sign was made for me. 

I love Shimei’s face here hahahahha. 

Nicole and I! Yay (: (: 

So yes was a good day. But I realised that I SUCK at lying to my brother. Was sitting on my bed looking at the USS photos then my brother came and asked what I was looking at then I stressed and locked my phone and started acting super jumpy and suspicious then he kept asking and I was just super stressed and I made up bullshit but he knows I was lying ahhhhhhh. THE ONE PERSON I REALLY CANNOT LIE TO I SWEAR OMG OMG OMG. So terrible. I was being damn happy that I got away with everything scot free, but nooooooo. My terrible lying skills SIGH. Now I’m all flustered and riled up and cannot sleep and I REALLY DON’T WANT SCHOOL TMR LAH OMG AHHHH.


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