Put iTunes on shuffle, and all my old Avril Lavigne songs are coming on hahah the memories :’)

Okay, I will take this opportunity to say that MBTI tests annoy me. Hello, don’t come and tell me what kind of person I am okay. They think they can compartmentalize everyone is it? The truth is: YOU CANNOT. You can’t just ask me if I like poetry better or dramas better. I mean, for me its a v thematic thing. I love poetry about people and relationships and emotions but I find nature-related poems dull and sleep-inducing. Love most dramas, but all the irritating crying indian dramas annoy the shit out of me. You can’t make me choose between things that are so subjective and then make presumptions about the kind of person I am. SCREW YOU. DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE. YOU CAN’T PUT ME INTO A BOX. Life is not black or white, its all shades of grey so screw you MBTI, screw you.

Also, I don’t like roses. Hahaha the true test will be when (if more like) my boyfriend decides to get me flowers. I wonder if he’ll know me enough to not get me roses.


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