Beatles Love <3

Sudden burst of Beatles love over the past few days. I think The Beatles are definitely one of the biggest passions in my life. I guess its something that I grew up with; quite easily the soundtrack of my childhood. There’re so many songs I love so much, and they have a song for every mood. When you’re feeling mellow you can put on “Blackbird” or “Here There and Everywhere” or “Eleanor Rigby” or “Michelle” or “Here Comes the Sun”. When you’re feeling down, you can put on “Hey Jude”or “Let It Be”. When you’re feeling happy, haha there’re a whole myriad of quintessential Beatles songs like “Love Me Do” and “All My Loving” and “Eight Days A Week” and “Yellow Submarine” and “Ob La Di Ob La Da” (hahahah its impossible to be sad whilst listening to this song)

These songs really make me feel so warm and fuzzy and nostalgic and content. The Beatles for me are so much more than a band; more than music. No matter where I am, the minute I put on a Beatles’ song, I’m home.


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