Sigh having a sore throat, probably got it from Dana hahah thanks ahhhh. Woke up early to clear my closet and to tidy up my work desk.

It is not going well.

I hate hate hate clearing my closet because I hate folding clothes!!!! And drying them. Ugh hate it so much. They’re so flimsy and like easily messed up and they’re bloody frustrating and when I grow up my closet will be 90% hangers cause I hate folding them. Just invest in hundreds of hangers can ready.

I just finished my closet though. Threw away all my RG uniform- I’m getting better and better at this whole nonhoarding thing. I’m just starting to not care anymore. No energy ready lah.

I’m taking a break before starting on my work desk. Which is in a terrible terrible state right now. But ohwell, at least we’re finally getting a maid again- she’s coming tomorrow! No more drying clothes or washing plates or making the beds or waiting for ironed clothes :’)

On a bright note, I’m going to see my primary school friends tomorrow! Quite fun quite fun.

CT results have been.. Hm. Bad. I didn’t do well in anything. Did okay (by my standards) for most and terribly for some (seahist and econs lololol) getting lit back next week. I really hope I did decently for that!!!

Alagu and I went to get Koi after school and then she followed me to the park opposite my house (: good day lah.

This is such a lame pointless post. But ohwell I guess it parallels my life!


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