Why I Can’t Wait To Be In A Relationship

I want to be completely unglam in front of someone, and still have him love me. I want to be able to make lame jokes; sick jokes; mean jokes and still get an affectionate smile or chuckle in return. I want to be able to make mistakes and screw things up beyond imagination, yet know that once I apologize and try to fix things, he’ll be there waiting with his arms wide open. I want to be able to call him up whenever, to tell him the newest theory I came up with; even if its 3am in the morning and I’m not entirely coherent. I want him to look at me tenderly; all soft eyed and soft smiled. I want to hold his hand, and swing it obnoxiously and smile cheekily at him when he turns to me with an exasperated look. I want to always have someone to go with for movies and concerts. I want to wake up to morning texts and fall asleep to goodnight texts. I want to bring him home to my parents and have them love him as much as I do. I want his mother to adore me, and his father to smile at me all crinkly-eyed. I want my brother to go out for bro trips with him, and direct embarrassing couple jokes at me. I want to arrange exciting outings for the both of us, but yet be content with a quiet day in. I want him to present me with unique, funky and dorky presents, like shoelaces or a mood ring; cheap things not anything overly expensive or elaborate. I want him to plan me a treasure hunt in a museum exhibit. I want him to give me a mixcd, with his favourite songs, my favourite songs, the song that reminds him of his parents and the song that will remind our kids of us. I want to sneak into his room occasionally to clean up all his mess and put a lovely note on his nicely made bed and let him come home to a pleasant surprise. I want him to give me roadside flowers and sincere words scribbled on spare serviettes.

Most of all: I want someone to want all that with me.


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