Something that really really makes me mad is when guys treat girls like pieces of meat. I’m aware that nowadays its something that girls do to guys too, but it’s not something I do, so yeah.

Believe it or not, it’s not the sole purpose in life of most girls to look good for guys. We have much more important things on our agenda, and entertaining doucheboys who have their hands otherwise occupied most of the time does not quite make the cut. I’m not saying that there aren’t girls who make it their goal in life to make their skirts as short as possible and their shirts as low as possible, and get a kick out of thrusting their ass(ets) in your faces. Go consummate with them I really don’t give a damn. But don’t strut around and start to rate decent girls and ogle them openly. It’s downright disgusting and I’ve had to make a concentrated effort to keep my fist out of your faces whenever I see this happening. Maybe you should try looking at a girl’s face instead of approximately 6 inches down south eh? And if you find someone unattractive, SUCK IT UP. They don’t intend to offend your delicate sensibilities, so please grow up. Nobody is asking you to marry her. Sending that girl anonymous hate doesn’t prove anything, except that you severely lack a pair.

It’s about time you get your head out of whichever dark orifice it is currently residing in, and get with the times.

Girls are not sex objects anymore. Our lives do not revolve around the men in our lives and we do not live to please. Yeah sure, for those we care about, and the objects of our attention yeah. But not for these boys who are so full of themselves, with some kind of false bravado, thinking that all the girls wunzit. You know what they say, empty vessels make the most noise. So I don’t know what you’re making up for, but I really don’t need to see it, and I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for the rest of the female population (well the ones with half a brain and a few ounces of self respect at least)

Calling girls by their so called “ratings”? Oh, is this your game plan for getting “chicks”? All the best with that man. Tell me how that goes. Oh and someday when your daughter comes home to you crying about how some boy called her ugly, don’t you dare curse the boy. Because once, you did the exact same thing and you were the reason for some other girl’s tears.

I know that sometimes its just meant in good humor, and I’m okay with that, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Appreciating beauty is not wrong (there are some pretty fine pairs of legs out there, agreed!) but failing to see the girl for who she is, and not just a pair of boobs, legs and ass is abominable. For those decent boys out there, who do realize this, and respect girls for who they are, cheers. Some girl will be very lucky to have you one day.


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