Took A Night Off

Went out with Dana in the afternoon to study, got some done but we just couldn’t stay v long because the weather sucked so much, so we returned home quite quickly.

Ended up going for Santhea’s 21st although I wasn’t initially planning on it. Really felt like getting away from studying for a bit.

I HAD A LOT OF FUN. Night started out pretty awkward cause this time round there were quite a lot of people I didn’t know. But they all eventually left, and it was just left with a couple of us, like my brother’s friends and all. Hahahaha out came the bottles LOL. As much as I’m not for drinking, people are really funny when they’re drunk. When the guys start giggling then some will start to emo and some will be downright weird.

Conversation turned a little serious towards the end. Where one of the uncles started to advise me and stuff. And started I tell me how messed up my brother was. Which I guess I know, but I’ll never be able to accept fully. He is my older brother of six years and I’ve spent a lot of my life looking up to him, and it’s v hard to see him for who he is with all his flaws. Too used to seeing the best in him lah what to do.

And I kinda realised that the only people you can REALLY count on, like 100%, are your direct blood relatives. Like parents and siblings. With them, I know they always have my best interests at heart and they are the only people who won’t screw me over, ever. Cause they genuinely want me to be well off, with no ulterior motives at all. Can blindly listen to them and I’ll turn out okay.

Friends are friends. Like you can always have your close friends but you will never have that kind of certainty. Cause if your friend screws up beyond imagination or recognition, you always have the option to walk away. I might. But no matter how messed up your sibling or your child is, or how much trouble he/she gives you, you can NEVER give up. You always have to be there waiting when it’s all over and they eventually come back. Cause they will always come back.

Idk it probably isn’t like this for everyone, I’m not naively generalising. But I have been blessed with an amazing family and I’m eternally grateful.

Yup, so these are the deep thoughts I was having when I sneaked back into the house with my brother at 5am hahaha.


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