Ordered my Air and my case and my decals :D :D excited excited excited. Hahah total splurge tonight LOL imma spoilt kid :D I lovelovelove the case that I ordered its super duper cute (: and my decals are exciting and like hello I’m getting an Air which is amazing in itself. Happy happy (:

In other news, GP wasn’t too good, I hope I did decently sigh. I felt like my essay was okay but my AQ and summary was shit ): econs and lit tomorrow I really really hope I do well. Esp for lit cause I like it so much and I spent so much time on it. Studied a lot for econs too, but I’m terrified that I’ll blank out during the exam. Nono cannot. I can do this. After tmr, I’ll be three papers down. Yeah baby. My history breakdown will come tomorrow.

All the best everyone!!!


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