Finally finally finally went to the Harry Potter exhibition today (math? what math?) and I had to go because it was the last day and I would have DEEPLY regretted it if I had missed it. Esp since Singapore is lame and rarely has any Harry Potter excitement. It was really good! I know some people said it wasn’t worth it but like I had a good time. I agree it was a little static, just a lot of walking around and looking at stuff BUT HP STUFF HELLO.

I got picked for sorting!!!!!!! I never ever get picked as a volunteer like ever, like all those times I went to the Zoo and the Bird Park, I never got chosen. BUT THEY CHOSE ME FOR THE SORTING. At first it was this little boy and I was just like “Really??? I was a fan before you were BORN you brat!!!!!” But luckily they picked me the next time. AND I GOT PUT INTO SLYTHERIN!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY. Screw you all, screw Pottermore, I am not a Hufflepuff (shut up) I am a SLYTHERIN.

Teared up whenever I heard the music cause the HP soundtrack is just that amazing, and got goosebumps plenty of times. Went mad in the shop cause everything was so nice. But like so ex omg. Wanted to buy a Slytherin tee but they didn’t have my size ): either too small or too big and it was like $50 so I didn’t want to risk it. Ended up buying a Marauders’ Map (AHHH OMG ITS SO COOL) and a Sirius Black Wanted poster! (I swear, this man is a sex god I bet he was a casanova in his time) Super excited about my purchases!

Need to frame the poster, along with my existing HP tilty poster (thank you csm I love you) and my Beatles poster! Put them all up :’) And figure out what to do with my Marauder’s Map. Initially thought of putting it up too, but like I don’t think framing it would do it any justice sigh sigh any ideas guys?

OH AND NOT TO FORGET HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST DARLING DOWNRIGHT DELIGHTFUL DANA (: Had a lot of fun with you today, even though it was crazy hot, and we were just making odd noises half the time (1. Sex cake 2. Exhibit, need I say more? 3. Walking around in the bloody hot sun)

you crazy bitch

 I love you so much I really do, my hockey hottie, you are definitely one of the best things to happen to me this year and you make school x7832648273658560 better. Dunno how you put up with me I can be bloody annoying I know hahahah but yeah super thankful for you in my life dearest. I’ll give you my card in a few days when I can sit down and write you the essay that you deserve (: Hope you had a great day, you deserve it dearie!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

wahwahwah pretty only sia somebody

Anyway, math tmr, I haven’t really studied properly, I really hope the paper isn’t too hard cause I need to do well in this man, its my H1!!! Last paper though, and I have an awesome day planned with Alagu, consisting of several movies and food YAY :D can’t wait for the paper to be over tmr! :D :D :D I really hope I do well in my promos!!!!!! Studied hard for this shit.


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