Object Of Beauty

Posting on my Macbook Air :’) I swear its really beautiful and its so light and amazing and like ahhhhhhh. Forgot just how fast you can get used to an Apple device. I have been and always will be a Mac snob foreverrrrr. Will have to wait for a couple of weeks for my case though ): which means I’ll have to use my old really ugly case for a while more ): But yeah I’m totally in love with my laptop now it is amazing. I’ve installed and synced everything! Photos giving me a bit of headache, so I have given up temporarily. MY MUSIC HAS BEEN SORTED OUT :D :D :D Did it for free with Senuti; synced all my songs and playlists. I could’ve cried in relief :’)

On to more serious news, PROMOS ARE OVER. I can’t believe it, I still feel a twinge in my conscience when I slack. I really hope I did well, or at least decently, cause I really did study very hard. HOPE FOR THE BEST.

Post-promo plans so far: Had an Awkward marathon with Alagu yesterday, got her hooked too hahahaha. Having LARABOI tomorrow! Excitez, feel like I haven’t seen them in so long omg. Going out for lunch at Little India with the thorns on Thursday (ahhhh excited to eat naan and butter chicken again it was so good the other day I wanted to die) Planning on going to the beach with family over the weekend. Haven’t gone out with family in ages omg. And I am seriously craving for Siloso right now.


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