Jealous ):

Sigh, my friends have such exciting holiday plans and I’m just like D: have been craving for and dreaming about a proper European holiday for like 2 years now ): was supposed to go last year, but got cancelled cause of my mum and I don’t think I’ll be going this year either ): I have my surgery at the end of the year + I need to study + grandparents are not in the best of health so my parents already took loads of leave ): ): ): I’m so sad I just really wanna get away from all this shit and I feel like I didn’t savour London enough and I really want a proper vacation damnit.

My one hope is that at least after As, I can tag along with my Dad whenever he goes to happening places (still can’t believe I turned down Brazil I am an IDIOT) he can go for work and i can go to museums or bookstores or cafes or something. And my Dad and I can sightsee together! Which will be fun cause I love my Dad (:

Speaking of which, parents flew off today! Bro leaving tomorrow for some work-related thing. Which means… PARTY AT HOME. Okay fine I am lame no party. BUT Nicole is coming over on Saturday night for a Disney marathon and sleepover :D FUN :D I am such a movie marathon person hahahahah I am looking forward to it I miss Nicole and we need to spend quality time together!!!


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