Yay I had such a wonderful day today so I am in an amaaaaazing mood (: Went for my doctor’s appointment in the morning at Mount E. I have to go for yet ANOTHER MRI scan angst. Its such a horrible experience and I don’t want to again but I don’t have a choice. Must go face claustrophobia again.

After that, dad and I went to run a couple of errands (even had to go to wholesale market which is quite possibly my least favourite place ever I refused to get out of the car) and we both got super hungry so we headed off to west coast. Went to our old favourite shops, got currypuffs and warm soya milk and it was so nice (: I love west coast so much, spent most of the childhood there, so I guess its coloured with nostalgia. I had a really good time with my dad and was reminded of just how much I love him. My dad is a wonderful wonderful person and the BEST dad ever and I’m so lucky to have him (: (: (:

Once we came home, we found that my mum cooked lunch and we had the most amazing chicken curry omg it was a knockout. IT WAS SO GOOD. Had a very hearty lunch and was going to crash when my mum said that she needed to go to the hairdresser’s. So I followed her, and did some hair treatment thing (my hair is so soft now!!!) and felt super calm and zen because the place had a very bohemian ambience.

After we were done, we came down to wait for my dad, and sidetracked into the nearest sari shop where my mum got 4 really nice saris for $150 (!!!! IKR MAD SALE) I made friends with a lady whilst standing in the (very) long queue and she told me that she can see me becoming successful in the future :’) I love nice strangers hahahah.

Dad picked us up, fully armed with lame corny jokes and my mum and I just about died laughing because it was the kind of nice day when everything seems pleasant and funny.

Came home and had good dinner and was helping my mum pack (she postponed her flight to tomorrow night) She went off on a tangent and showed me the first sari that my dad ever bought her and she was being all “oh I cannot wait to see my daughter in it!” and got really affectionate and sentimental hahahaha I love my mum.

All in all, it was such a delightful day. I spent the whole day with my wonderful parents and felt like their little girl again. After a pretty long time.


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