Beatlesmania! :D

So here is my promised post on The Bootleg Beatles!! I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I really did. I think they played almost all my favourite songs which made me a very very happy girl and the general atmosphere was really good.

1. The singing: Okay, I wouldn’t say top-notch. I’ve heard the songs like a gazillibillion times so I noticed everytime time they sounded a bit different, but some songs were really just phenomenal. The first few songs (I Wanna Hold Your Hand, All My Loving, Can’t Buy Me Love, Eight Days A Week…) were really well done, it was almost like listening to the album. Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane were really really great, the orchestra did an amazing job. Teared up like crazy during Yesterday, lost it completely for While My Guitar Gently Weeps and was basically a wreck during Hey Jude.

2. The band members. Hahahaha love them!! Thought it was adorable how they really stuck to character. I LOVED John Lennon’s snarky comments and sarcastic jokes hahaha made my night seriously. Paul was every bit the charming pretty-boy that we all love. John the koolcat. George the understated genius and Ringo the enthusiastic cheery drummer! :D It was really great.

3. Audience: Wow. I think this was really what made the concert for me. I think as a teenage Beatles fan in Singapore, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will never have a proper Beatles experience (the closest I came was the beatles tour in london: highly recommended btw I had a lot of fun) BUT the concert hall was full of Beatles fans and by the second song we were all up on our feet dancing and shaking and jumping and screaming it was amazing. Everyone sung along for Hey Jude, and it was really a goosebumps-inducing experience. Hahahahah my favourite part of the night was probably when John Lennon started to wave his peace sign in the air during All You Need Is Love and everyone followed promptly. It was awesome I felt like a proper hippie just then HAHA.

All in all, it was done in a rather comical way, the exaggerated signature moves and all (Paul’s head shaking anyone?) but in good humour. I enjoyed myself and I was really glad that I went.

Of course, nothing would beat the originals they are super duper amazing and I honestly cannot express the overwhelming feeling I get when I listen to them. So I’ll give you guys some real footage of the Fab Four :D

HAHAHAHAH I love how Paul is way too polite to ask them to shut up he’s just being all “shhhh. hang on!” and John is just like “Shut upppp” 

Ohhhhh John. Look at his smug face after he tells the joke hahahah. 

Also, I don’t think anybody is as charming as Paul hahahahah. When he comes on Ellen, she’s just like “sir? Do you like to be called sir?” and Paul goes “King.” with this pompous expression hahahaha love him.

Basically I love them all, lemme go cry about how I’ll never meet them. Meanwhile I’ll leave you with this song because it never fails to make me wanna dance around the house.

HAHA George is so awkward here lololol


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