Disorderly Jumble

1. I think I’m going through one of those phases when I’m just really really lazy to blog about stuff, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be over sooner or later so I’ll come back to blogging properly!

2. Bootleg Beatles was awesome, I’ll post about it sometime later promise promise.

3. I miss quite a number of people now. Wish I could just call you up or go up to your front door and demand for you to hang out with me, but life doesn’t work that way sigh. Issokay, soon enough we’ll meet up and share more than stray texts.

4. AHHHH I REALLY WANT TO GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING EXCITING OMG. Anybody up for a day out at Sentosa or something? Omg I am dying I really wanna go out. I was DYING for a vacation to some cool European country but noooooooo because…

5. My surgery has been scheduled! Its gonna be on the 1st of Dec, at Mount E. Pretty scared cause they’re basically going to slice my hand open. Doctor says I pretty much can’t use my hand for 2 weeks and I have to really take it easy for the next 3 months. Stress lah, it sounds terrifying. I have a really low pain tolerance!!!!!!! D: Plus, HOW TO TEXT. I am going to die. Feel free to visit me at home then hahahaha, can keep me company so at least I won’t have to watch movies and shows by myself hahah.

6. I AM SO BORED ALL THE TIME. Friends, if I call you out of sheer boredom, please entertain me and talk to me for an hour or two (or three or four, you know how I get) There’s only so much you can study and so long you can watch trash tv and sleep before you grow tired of the world.

7. I have a problem. I keep wanting to buy posters but I AM NOT PUTTING ANY OF THEM UP AHHHHHH. I keep putting it off, and like waiting to move (if we do) so they’re all just carefully stowed away. I should really start putting them up properly, but I hate sticking them on, I might frame them or something. Now I really want a batman poster sigh.

8. I got a wonderful limited edition Moleskine planner for next year! AND ITS THE LITTLE PRINCE THEMED!! Omg I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it cause I love love love the book and like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I love my planner super excited to use it next year!!!

9. If I could, I’d spend all my money on Etsy. So many pretty things but ahhhhh money howww. I can’t wait to start working, so I’ll have endless amounts of money to spend on myself omg (at least before I get married) (if I get married) (if anyone wants me) (doubtful) Want a really nice locket for the white gold chain that I’m always wearing but everytime I go on Etsy my heart breaks a little sigh.


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