My Feelings About Gossip Girl

Things I Hate

  1. Vanessa
  2. Jenny
  3. Serena
  4. The fact that Serena made Lily leave Rufus in Season One because she thought Dan and her were forever and then BROKE UP WITH DAN ON THE WEDDING DAY. Lily and Rufus are like !!! hello.
  5. When stupid Dan, Vanessa or Rufus (the brooklyn idiots) decide to take things into their own hands and “fix things” when they just end up screwing things up beyond belief. Just leave the plotting up to the UES for goodness sakes.
  6. When the Brooklyn Idiots get all self-righteous.
  7. Nate’s The Spectator
  8. When Serena tries to be all independent and mature and shit.
  9. All of Nate’s flings. Like all the annoying older women.
  10. All the heartbreak that Chuck+Blair brings me (oh who am I kidding I love it really)

Things I Love

  1. Chuck+Blair
  2. When Serena+Blair+Chuck+Nate get together to plot and stage a takedown (Georgina in Season One!!! My favourite episode hahaha. And the one where Serena’s fling steals a lot of money based on some investment scam)
  3. When Blair puts annoying people in place (JENNY HUMPHREY ARGH)
  4. Nate’s incredible good looks
  5. How Rufus is attractive in an older man rugged musician kinda way
  6. How basically everyone in this show is attractive. Like honestly. Even the doormen are relatively good-looking.
  7. Dan’s wry humour
  8. The fact that even though Blair does the bitchiest, most awful things, I still can’t help but love her (can’t say the same for Serena though oops)
  9. Who am I kidding. Pretty much the only reason I watch this show is for Chuck+Blair.

My guilty pleasure sigh. Its really getting very bad though, I can barely bear to watch the newer episodes.


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