Sticking to tradition- My 2012 in hindsight post! :D

Academics: Shit. Okay. I think it was the first time since like P6 I actually sat down and properly studied. And I guess I didn’t study the right way, and I really can’t expect results the first time. So next year its going to be more intense, and I’m going to face the subjects I am terrified of (aka history) and tackle them and be smart. I really want to get straight As because I really want to get into a good uni overseas, and into a course that I like.

Family: Got a lot closer to my brother which is great. All our late time movies and insect swatting (HAHAH still dying over this) and eating and like idk lah I’ve had a good time :D Oh and I love my dad more than ever because he really is a sweetheart and like the best person ever. I’m so glad he’s MY dad and nobody else’s and he is such an inspiration and I love him a lot.

Friends: Wow okay, I honestly couldn’t have made it through this year without my amazing friends. Like really. They have helped me so much and I would have literally gone complete crazy without them, so thanks a lot for ensuring that I stay out of a straitjacket. I think we’ve learnt to look at one another in a very real way, not the idealistic way in which friends usually view one another so this is great. Because if you can look past my mistakes and still love me, well.. I can’t ask for better friends. And since you are all so awesome, I’m going to write shoutouts for the WONDERFUL people who have remained in my life till the very end :)

Alagu- My bestest friend in the entire universe bar none. You are really the most amazing person I know. As I’ve told you before, out of all my friends, you have the most reason to just throw your hands up in defeat and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction from me. And yet? You haven’t. You have stuck with me for 5 years now. These 5 years have opened me up to what a wonderful person you really are. You’re strong, loyal, honest, loving, caring, kind, bloody gorgeous and like !!!! Idek man. We have more things in common now (CMS :D) and it makes me so glad that we can fangirl about all this things (and people) I love all our constant texting and stuff hahahah. We fight so much but whatever, we will always end up okay BECAUSE I’M A MAGNET AND YOU’RE MY IRON FILINGS (okay I could have done better than that I’m sorry) You are lovely, and you make my life x439856398457391 better honestly. I love you so much dearie really and be ready to be in my life for like… Idk. Till I die I think. HAHA <3

Nicole- Hi hahah I love you I really do. We spend hardly any time together nowadays when compared to our daily MSN convos back in Sec3 but I still know instinctively that you’re here for me. I love you a lot and I know you’ve been through a lot this past year, and have emerged unbroken and whole (in spite of what some people predicted) We have to spend more time next year alright! Oh and if you have problems, please come and talk to me you silly girl. You know I’m always here for you, even if you ugly cry <3

Dana- HAHAHAHA definitely one of the best friends I’ve made this year. I love you to bits seriously. I enjoy every moment we spend together (even if I spend it whining) I love how most of our conversations revolves around our declarations of love, invitations for sex, SFM, being ugly and… Yeah that’s basically it. I seriously wish I was a boy just so we could get together because I really think we’re soulmates okay. The entire world will ship us I am sure of it. I’m glad you liked my story for you HAHA and I’m awaiting a good present from you. You being the leech in our relationship is not an excuse. I really love you a lot man, stay cool and please hold me when I break down next year after grad at the thought of not seeing you every day.

Shimei- Okay hahaha I never tell you this, because I’m sure (and probably right) that you’ll just look at me awkwardly and flee in abject terror: but I love you hahah. I honestly think you are an amazing person. You’re so strong, because you do what you think is right, every single time. You don’t care what people think, as long as you know you’re right, you will do it. And I also respect how you’re never hesitant to apologise when you know you’re in the wrong and like aiya I respect you a lot lah okay. I also know that you’ll never take me for granted which is amazing and I’m so thankful. Thanks for being ever sensible :D I know I’ll have fun with you whenever, even f you do yell at me HAHA. I’m really glad we’re friends Shimei :)

Aisyah- OH Aisyah. There is seriously nobody else like you. Anywhere. At all. I know I laugh at you a lot and throw several insults your way BUT DO KNOW THAT I DON’T MEAN ANY OF THEM I PROMISE. Except Sampan. I’m sorry. That is really… Okay. Hahahaha. I respect you too. You are like one of the least manipulative people I know and I’m so happy for that. What you see is what you get, and I’m really glad for the transparency in our relationship. I love you a lot, and I really think you are amazingly talented. Like seriously omg. You are smart and you can draw and write really well and you’re good at making people feel better about themselves and all the IT things and astronomy and you’re funny and like idk lah you’re super duper talented and you’re really going to make it big one day. I’m super thankful for you Aisyah! <3

Reetaza- Reetz hahah my soul sistah!! We bring out the worst in each other HAHA but I love it I really do. I love going for service with you and just talking about EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WHO UPSETS US. I think you’re soso unique and like you really are a special snowflake hahahah. You’re incredibly smart and talented (like omg how do you even come up with songs on the spot??) I think you are a super great lovely spiffing person and I’m so glad we found each other in Interact HAHAHA meant to be man. We’re fated. I can’t wait to meet up with you and like really angst to you omg. Also, yesterday you said I was “indispensable” and that’s honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. My biggest fear is that I am replaceable and dispensable (as some people have shown me) and hearing you say that made me ridiculously happy so thank you so much for that dearie I love you!! <3

Emiline- Oh you gorgeous gorgeous girl. I love you so much bbyd0ll I really do. Just seeing you around school and watching you light up is like the best part of my day. I miss you so much I haven’t seen you in ages ahhhhh. I think one of the saddest things that has happened to me this year is you moving. No more sitting at the Dover bustop missing like 3 buses and talking for ages. You’ve helped me come up with so many of my theories and you’re one of the people who appreciates them the most :D we share similar views on so many things, and even when we don’t, I enjoy it when we debate and argue and eventually settle on something. You are a great person and you’ve made me love myself more just a little bit and its not easy to do that so thank you babe. I miss you and your smile, I’m going to give you the biggest hug ever when I see you and like AH. I love you a lot okay please stay the same and we must spend time next year I need you to make my life better <3

Chanel- Ah Chanel you are probably the loveliest person I will ever meet in my whole life. You are a splendid human being and every time someone makes you sad I get SO MAD like really I would do some pretty violent, illegal things to them okay like omg I don’t understand how anyone can be mean to you because you are so great and smart and nice and SUPER PRETTY and talented and funny and cute and like idek man. People are dumb. They really are. Don’t listen to them ok? YOU decide how much you’re worth, not them. And one day you’ll see yourself as how all of us see you. That day, you’ll realize how much you’re worth. You’re like a pearl. One day some boy will dive into the deep murky waters that is this bad undeserving world and find you. And he will treasure you like you should be treasured, I promise you.

Amirah- Hahah probably my favourite deskmate yet :D We’re not as close as we were last year and like the beginning of this year and it makes me sad but oh well JC sigh. I’m super glad we’re friends because there isn’t anyone else like you Mira haha. I know JC is giving you a hard time, but keep ploughing on like you always do alright? Someday we will be out of this hellhole, and like we discussed: we will be the ones to have the best jobs :D you’re so incredible and like sometimes I’m in awe of you really. You have beliefs that you stick to no matter what, and its really admirable. Have a great year Mira I love you! <3

Hengyeng- Okay first of all, I have to tell you how much I loved your red velvet cakes from Shimei’s twilight party omg they were really so good and I had dunno how many slices and they were really good and like omg okay you have hands of gold. Thank you so much for taking such a strong role in all our parties seriously HY we are all forever thankful. Your HP cake was like the best cake I’ve ever had and its probably the best cake I will ever have and I’m so grateful for you because omg I’m so proud to have such a talented amazing perfect friend like you. You are so motivated and driven (like a Claire!! biggest compliment ever) and I’m like 100% sure that you’re going to achieve great things in the future <3

Stacy- AH STACY you broke my heart when you left for UK really and I thought I’d lose contact with you BUT we’re still as tight as ever hahaha yay. I love how you still make it a point to remain in our whatsapp group and still maintain an interest in our lives! You are one of the coolest person I know really. You are so chill and calm about everything and its really refreshing from the rest of our psycho friends HAHA. I love you and I’m really happy for you because you broke out of the system and now have the happiest life out of all of us HAHA. Stay cool Stacy!

Heather- My ever glam friend :D You have truly been an inspiration to me this year. You’re conservative without being uptight, you know how to let loose without being loose. You do so well in school (DEANS LIST OMG) without ever losing sight of your friends or yourself. You’re probably the only person who looked nice in the middle of promos hahaha. I know I can always count on your to give me sound advice when I need help, and do know I’m always here for you too dearie (: I love you Heather <3

Clara- Hahah Clara! Even though you’re like in almost every single one of my lectures, I feel like I hardly speak to you nowadays! I have such fond memories of you from back in 306 and Penang Owl and being deskmates and stuff it was really a great time. You are so down to earth and its really easy to strike up conversation with you! You laugh at my jokes even when they aren’t funny so thanks Clara HAHAH. You are an awesome person and I’m happy I’m friends with you! And I do think you are a chio chinese girl okay. <3

Isdi- ISDI OMG OKAY YOU ARE THE NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD OMG YOU ARE LIKE OVERWHELMINGLY PLEASANT AND SWEET AND ITS MINDBOGGLING HOW ANYONE CAN BE THAT PERFECT REALLY. Its like the kind of nice that I cannot even dream of striving towards. I feel so happy whenever I see you around because you are such a darling girl and I’m so glad that I have the privilege of being able to walk up to you and give you a huge hug. Take care of your health!! You make school tons better for everyone. I love you like a LOT and please stay sweet and wonderful and lovely DON’T LET JC BREAK YOU <3

Deepa- AWH Deepa I really love you so much! I feel so so so happy every time I see you around school, even though its in the library most of the time HAHAHA. You are such a great person and I’m so glad I’m friends with you. You’re so cute and lovely and I feel like hiding you under my jacket and protecting you from this cruel world but alas! I can’t. So please stay amazing and please continue hugging me, I need Deepa hugs in my life <3

Karthik- Hey man, haha I had some good times with you this year!! Thanks for being so nice to me and making me laugh! Have a good year (:

Laraboi- You guys are such a fun bunch of people really. Just sitting on the steps of Bishan MRT station with our Breadtalk and Koi can brighten up my other mundane and uneventful week. Other than all the fun we have together when we go out, I love how we are all there for one another individually. I feel so happy when I see you guys around school, and I’m so thankful that I can just sit down and tell you guys my problems and I know I’ll have kind words of comfort and sound words of advice. I hope I have also given you guys the same reassurance, because I am here for you okay! We must keep up our original Boi outings next year, cause I think we’re all going to need it!! I love you lovelies <3

Interact- Probably my best decision this year. I am so so so glad I joined this amazing CCA this year and so thankful that I got in! I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet lots of excellent people and be a part of a lot of meaningful events that have made my year that much more special. Camp, YGH, DitD, IU.. I think the seniors have properly taught us the ropes this year, and I have faith that we will do a good job with the events next year too! I’m ridiculously excited hahah (: Of course, not to forget Jamiyah! I love those kids, they really make my week when I go down for service especially now that I’m properly inducted into their tight-knit family.

IU- You guys deserve a special mention! I had the best week of 2013 with you! IU was one of the best experiences of my life. I haven’t done overseas service before, and this trip has really inspired me to source out for more trips like this so I can reach out to the global community. The kids will forever be in my heart really. I am truly terrible with names, but I can still rattle off many of these little darlings’ names, because that’s how big an impact they have made on me! I get a ridiculous smile whenever I hear Count On Me and We Are Young and Collide because these have been branded in my brain as IU songs. Special shoutouts to Colin, Claudia Koh, Karthigah, and of course: Boonxin, Ted and Karthik. I’ve made friendships that will easily extend beyond those 7 memorable days and I will treasure every memory (:

13AO1F- Okay, when I started out this year, I had no idea that I would be banded together with such a marvellous group of people. You are all unique, extraordinarily talented individuals who, along with me, share a penchant for laziness :D You have given me some of the greatest laughing sessions ever (celeste’s monologue anyone? :D) and I’m reallu glad we’re going to face the monster that is J2 together :) I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Red Line- I couldn’t have asked for a better PW group. I had a blast doing this blasted project with you. My heart actually twinges a bit when I see the “retired phones in my household drawers” You are all super understanding and I actually think we did a pretty decent job! Have some lovely memories with you guys really (: Ily :D

Fairfield Buddies- Hahah I’ve grown closer than ever to you guys since the launch of our whatsapp group and I’m super happy about it! I was always close to Benita and all, but now I have a way of remaining close to all of you and keeping updated about your lives. Its really remarkable how we all remain friends even though it has been like 10-11 years. I love all of you to bits and I’m super glad that we’re still tight :D

Okay that’s it I think. I’m really sorry if I left anyone out. I would write shoutouts for everyone in my life if I could, but this is the closest I could come to. I have no more stamina hahaha.

Anyway, I really hope the rain stops soon because I love the fireworks and they are always the perfect start to my year. It has become a tradition of sorts to go down to Marina Bay with my family to watch them and I really don’t want to break it today!



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