Haha here’s another post. Its spurred on by my earlier post which got me thinking, so the content might be slightly repetitive. Forgive me.

We, as girls, place way too much value on what boys think and feel about us. For most people, it isn’t a conscious decision. I would rather die than consciously question and change myself in order to please men. But we do, a little.

Think about it. We have so many wonderful girlfriends who never fail to remind us of what excellent people we are. We have wonderful girlfriends who spend days crafting beautiful cards and presents just to make our day. We have wonderful girlfriends who buy us food when we’re hungry, travel for hours to let us cry on their shoulder, listen to us go on and on about our problems, see us when we’re totally unglam and still love us.

Now, imagine a boy doing all of this.

Immediately, he is the nicest person in the world. One card? WOW nobody has ever made me feel this way before. What a gentleman, what a lovely angelic person. I can’t believe why somebody would like us enough to do all this for us.

Do you notice the difference?

A boy giving us three uncreative lines scribbled on a piece of scrap paper means more than a card that a girl slaved over for days. WHY?? We have come to accept the notion that boys don’t do much for us, that they just don’t care enough about these things, that they have other priorities. And our hearts leap for joy at their half-arsed attempts.

Note however, there is a difference between an effort and an extravagant gift. You shouldn’t expect expensive presents, just thoughtful ones. I would appreciate a piece of candy worth 50cents if it showed the effort and thought that went into it. Different people have different ways of showing their affection and you should be open-minded and mature enough to appreciate all. You just need to be able to decide if it was heartfelt or not.

Boys only have the power to make us so miserable because we give it to them. 10 girls can tell us we’re ugly and it wouldn’t hurt as much as a vague remark from a boy about our weight. Why do we care so much about what they think??? Why do we let so much of our self-esteem and self-worth be determined by them? As a girl, we are more attuned to the flaws of the female body, and the flaws of girls in general. So when a girl tells you that you are a beautiful person IT MEANS A LOT.

We need to stop settling for unworthy boys, we need to believe that we are worthy, that boys DO need to work for us, that we DESERVE effort. That’s the only way you will respect yourself, and that’s the only way they will respect you.

Stop pining behind boys who don’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated because quite frankly, they are not worth your time. There is nothing wrong with being single. It gets lonely sometimes but remember that you have girlfriends who would travel to the ends of the world for you, and the world seems just a little brighter :)


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