I love my friends.

Open House prep reminded me of just how much I love Interact. I really really do, its definitely one of the best parts of my life :) I’ve met so many great people, and I’m super excited for all the events, because I just know they’re going to be super fun and a good break from the mundanities of school.

Ended OH on a pretty low note though. But I’m really really thankful for all my amazing friends (Alagu, Dana, Aisyah, Emiline, Nicole, Shimei, Chanel, Meijia, Celeste etc etc) who made me feel better, esp the first three hahaha. I’m super grateful to you guys for putting up with my sullen disposition and comforting me (with your frightful imaginations) I really love you guys to bits, I dunno what I did to deserve you guys, but I am definitely blessed <3

Also, I really hate this. I feel like its just a lot of misunderstanding, and I wish we could just solve everything and be merry again. I feel miserable every time I think about it.


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