Hatred isn’t all that bad.

So I was lying in bed this morning, shortly after I woke up, and was thinking about how I have started hating so many more people, things and ideas in the process of growing up, and whether that has made me a worse person.

I don’t think so.

People around me are always beating themselves up for hating people, but why? If you ask me, we should all hate, to some extent. To live a life without hating, is to live a completely desensitised life. How can the world encourage us to love everyone and everything when there is so much wrong with our world at the present moment?

Are we to love bullies? Are we to love abuse? Are we to love inequality? Are we to love the poison, the toxin, which runs through everyone’s veins urging them to claw their way up to the top, not even thinking about the numerous people you will maim and destroy? Are we to love that?

Of course, you can tell me “No Arathi, these are big issues, what I am saying is about PEOPLE! You shouldn’t hate people because it destroys you.”

But aren’t all big issues made up of little people? They represent something, a mentality, a norm, an idea. Hate the representation.

So I say: Hate.

Hating people, ideas and things makes us stronger people. When we believe in something, when we truly stand up for something, it gives us purpose. When we hate something, we see the will to fight for something better. When we hate someone, we hear a voice in us, driving us to be better than them. When we hate a mentality, we are willing to picket and protest for issues that are not even remotely related to us.

Hatred makes progress. Hatred spurs revolutions, hatred spurs reforms, hatred spurs improvement and hatred spurs change.

But don’t get me wrong. Don’t hate easily, don’t hate frivolously. Hate for the right reasons. Don’t hate people for shining, don’t hate people for being better than you, don’t hate people for succeeding, don’t hate people for being strong, don’t hate them for being special, don’t hate them for making you better, don’t hate them for being different.

Loving all the flaws in this world makes us settlers. We are willing to live in a tarnished world with all these awful little people. Our love is a precious thing. Don’t love these people. They don’t deserve our love. Not those who take advantage of this mangled society to be abominable individuals. Loving them will only encourage them; loving them will only validate their actions.

The people who deserve our love are those who are willing to do the right thing, who are willing to stand amidst the debris of this broken world and believe in something good, something better, something golden.


2 thoughts on “Hatred isn’t all that bad.

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