Why Babies Are All Beautiful

Today my friends nearly killed me by going on about how some babies are ugly and there is no point “pretend gushing” over them.

This horrified me on so many levels.

One of which is: when did we extend our societal conventions of beauty to BABIES? I mean, when we grow up, sooner or later, we are all going to feel pretty shitty about ourselves, we are going to be judged based on how we look, we are going to have all our flaws pointed out to us. Does this really have to begin at birth?!?! Soon enough, there will be plastic surgery for babies (“which is highly recommended because babies have elastic, highly malleable skin!” can’t you already imagine the terrible adverts with people pinching babies’ cheeks oh god) and low-fat baby food, and corsets for baby girls so they grow up to have stunning curves or something equally heinous! WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Enough teenagers and adults are battling every day from self esteem matters, can we please not expose infants to this?? Let them decide what they wanna do with their bodies once they grow up, and don’t let their awful parents make all the decisions regarding their bodies.

Secondly, I really think all babies are beautiful!!! I mean, I suppose if you look at it technically, they might not have perfectly symmetrical features or a cute little button nose or cherry red lips. But how many people do we look at everyday, despite their flaws, and say “wow that person is pretty beautiful”. Babies have a kind of ethereal beauty about them. Eyes that have never seen bad and registered them, ears that have only heard the pleasant sounds of cooing and lullabies, tiny fists that have never curled up in anger or to beat on someone’s back in hatred, delicate little feet that pad only on the softness of pillows and bedspreads. The innocence that we see in babies is something that we yearn so deeply ourselves. And when a baby looks at us, with that completely clear gaze, lets out a gurgle and grabs onto your finger with a little giggle, it fills you with this enormous swelling feeling that something so pure, that something so delicate and little could give you its attention and affection so freely. Babies are the only ones who love without judgement, the only ones who look past who you seem like on the exterior and manage to wrench out that emotion from you. And all this contributes to a beauty, to an adorability, to level of cuteness in babies that cannot ever be measured solely by the technical proportions and measurements of their faces.


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