Home Alone

So I have the house all to myself after ages and ages and that means… TIME TO SING OBNOXIOUSLY LOUDLY TO BAD SONGS. Other than that, I feel six years old with all the advice my family gave me:

  1. Mum: Don’t go downstairs to buy food! Order instead, it’s safer!
  2. Bro: Don’t order from McDonald’s, the Indian guys all flirt with you on the phone. Order Pastamania.
  3. Dad: Don’t open the gate when he comes. Just try and squeeze the bag through the openings in the gate.
  4. Bro: Don’t let them know you are home alone! Blast music so it sounds like you are having a party or something!

LOL they obviously don’t see the gaps in their arguments I mean:

  1. Definitely, let me inform some random guy of my address, that is much safer than going down to the hawker centre.
  2. LOL let’s just say that when they see me in my pyjamas, they’ll be disappointed more than encouraged.
  3. … this isn’t even possible so I’m not sure what to say.
  4. Why would I order for one person if I’m having a party? Party of one I suppose LOL RAISE THE ROOF.

Still, it’s nice to see that they care and feel young after having to make frightening decisions for the future recently.


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