Okay, today was another emotionally draining day for me.

Lemme start from yesterday though. Went for Kung Fu Panda 2 with my brother and cousin sister yesterday night for HER BIRTHDAY. Happened to bump into Sumitra there! Was such a pleasant surprise, so happy to see her. The movie was so funny haha. THE BABY PANDA WAS SO INSANELY CUTE AHHH <3 okay anyway, Angie came along too! Was fun (:

Today, overslept. Like a toot. Ah, reached home at like 2, why was I even expecting myself to wake up, god knows. Anyway, woke up late, went to the gym with my brother and Angie. Had a HTHT with her, gave me a lot of things to think about la seriously. About how blessed I am and all. Sigh.

Then on the way back home, I, being my stupidstupidstupid self, blurted out rubbish. Then my brother got a bit :O then kind of scolded me. I think I made Angie sad also. And I started crying.

Why am I so strange? I will never know. I seriously started bawling in the middle of Clementi ahhh. Then my brother was like hugging me and like ‘Arathi, why are you crying? Arathi, nonono, I didn’t mean to scold you! Stop cryinggg’. And I wouldn’t. Ah, I was a wreck. Anyway, after receiving strange looks from a LOT of passersby, I finally composed myself. Went into Fairprice to buy milk for Angie, then me and my brother left to take bus. Then my brother told me earth-shattering news. Seriously. I was going to faint.

But did I? Noooooo. I started crying. AGAIN. On the bus! Of all things. Why am I so cuckoo I will never know. Sigh. Its just really difficult to find out certain things you never even guessed okay! Ahhhh.

Anyway, now I’m really tired. Had a long, emotionally exhausting day today sigh. 


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